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Ideas where everyone contributes.

Connect with friends, create communities, follow themes and build teams. Whether you use Sparklr for home or work, it's your constant dose of inspiration and a way for you to kick-start amazing things.

Remove Bias

Everyone that submits and validates ideas on sparklr is anonymous and equal.


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Sparklr is an idea generation platform that allows everyone to make positive contributions.For your work, for your life, by My Amazing Team.

Get Definitive Outcomes

Think, explore and develop. From insight, to ideas to action in the fastest way. 

Anonymous, Democratic Exploration

Everyone feels comfortable sharing and contributing, no matter who they are.

Endless ways to Sparklr

Infinite possibilities to create positive impact.

Sparklr is a new way to explore what's on your mind. Not just by sharing, but by connecting, communicating and collaborating. Useful for your life, essential for your team.

Exclusive! Be the first to Sparklr.

Problem solving, where everyone's involved.

Sparklr makes it easy for everyone to get involved with simple, engaging participation. It's a new way for you to connect and create, with purpose.

Respond against values that matter.

Sparklr isn't a popularity contest, it's a way to socially inform, create, validate and act. Inspire and be inspired, lose yourself in ideas, help others gain new perspectives or create answers of your own. However you use it, Sparklr is your social, creative space.

Brainstorming, but better. Coming soon.

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Use Sparklr to reach the idea you need in any way possible.

Why Sparklr?

Because the way we solve problems is broken

Ideas get stuck in echo chambers.

Contributors risk negative judgement.

Louder voices dominate.

It's too easy to give in to bias.

Envy and emulation are prevalent.